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Bullets (MMVIII)
Please buy me, a bullet
Do you mean that you can’t even see?
Are you just lost among the ashes?
Are we alive or are we free?

There is only lead in the graveyard
Save your lies and remember me
Sometimes I wonder what I’m after
Sometimes this isn’t the world to me

People walking and destroying
Did you ever think to see how I wonder
Days we’ve given to endless toying
We are all torn asunder

I see you speak of love and life
How you want to change this day
But the smokefilled room of paradigm
Makes me think you might never say

Did you get me any bullets?
Do you mean you still can’t ever see?
Are you drowned in such a haze now
You’re just as dead as you could be

But I realize this dream of kings
Robots still alive for what it’s worth
Those not drunk to the soils of stores
Are still made stoned by the tools of earth

You too’ve been sacrificed
Made numb by the armaments of life
Cut by blades you thought were hands
The sadness outweighs the strife

Please someday get me a bullet
Even though you’ll never get to see
Lost in the flames of silence
Are we alive or are we free?


from Divinity, released April 17, 2010




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